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World Woman Club


I. International cooperation
II. Business development
III. Social and charity projects


I. International cooperation

1. Summits - with the Presidents, Prime Ministers, members of the royal families, well-known entrepreneurs, heads of business associations, etc;

2. Organization and / or participation in the world women's forums WORLDWOMAN.BIZ;

3. Organization and / or participation in the global women's forums EUROWOMAN;

4. Participation in the forums WED, UN, EARB, ICC / CCI, EBRD, etc.;

5. Cooperation between women's clubs, KUZH and international organizations;

6. The possibility of obtaining grants to help in the development of women and children;

7. Participation in international internships;

8. Applications for participation in the FORTUNE 500 MPW Mentoring Program;

9. International Business Tours with summits;

10. International business conferences. Cross marketing. 11. Global information field for the development and cooperation of women.


II. Business development

1. Business club "MEETUP";

2. Organization of the internal promotion of members “Women’s Networking”;

3. Organization of national and regional business forums, business festivals;

4. WOMEN BA - International Women's Business Academy and Business Incubator;


6. Women's Business Internships;

7. Business presentations;

8. Business photo shoots;

9. Participation in large-scale PR projects together with well-known magazines;

10. Monthly business meetings;

11. MPW ratings;

12. National ratings of the TOP-100 SUCCESSFUL WOMEN;

13. National ratings of TOP-100 SUCCESSFUL MEN;

14. Mentoring program "BUSINESS START";

15. Strategic sessions;

16. Business Tours;

17. Annual general meeting of members.


III. Social and charity projects

1. Charity fashion project “WOMEN TO CHILDREN”;

2. Charity project “WISH TREE”;

3. Charity project "MOM", etc.;

4. Female Business Angels (grants and scholarships for talented children);

5. Happy relaxation tours;

6. Cross-social projects.