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Welcome to The World Woman Club!

The WORLD WOMAN CLUB International Network has grown from the dreams of many of us, who recognize that we are equal, and must inspire and support each other to become the powerful women’s society, which changes the world for the better!

Just 100 years ago, women won their rights to be equal with men. Now women must win the right to make us hear. The world is complicated: wars, crises, pandemics encourage us to unite to solve the problems of the world, because only united women's voices can influence.
We are all creators - we establish and develop our businesses, create new jobs, increasing GDP and living standards in countries. However, today we all have an even more important task - to build a new formula for the security of the world, where every country, small or large, as well as citizens can feel safe.
Therefore, from February 24, 2022, after the start of Russia's unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine, our club began to give a key place to politics and diplomacy, and not just entrepreneurship. The whole world has realized the value of human life and the importance of the world system of laws and justice. That is why today all our work as the International Club can be described in seven words: Leadership, Unity, Politics, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Education, and Globalism.
Over the 17 years Club opened 25 WWC representative offices in more than 20 countries around the world, created hundreds of educational & mentoring Programmes, held hundreds global forums, founded hundreds of new businesses for club members, donated millions of dollars to charity, created a powerful global platform for the constant cooperation of women leaders, united thousands of successful women, making our community truly global and effective.
WWC: Women in Global Politics & International Business.
Wherever you live, whatever you do - join the International Club! It is a woman's business!
This is your native place, where you will find understanding, like-mindedness, cooperation - partners and friends for life!  

Welcome from
Olga Azarova

By definition, we are a “club”, that means we are 3 in 1:
formal organization + global friendship + business networking
Together we create clubs

Together we create clubs in different countries of the world for business acquaintances and empowerment of women in business. We have one very important rule - we love and respect each other, do not judge, do not criticize. We value true friendship, reliability and unity.

Can really change the world

Accepting this, we become truly like-minded people and create a unique global community of strong and friendly women, where we become influential and can really change the world for the better in different directions (business, networking, charity, education, social projects).

Join our global network

The world is too large and complex to work alone. At the same time, the world offers tremendous opportunities for growth and development when you unite. Therefore, join our global network of World Woman Clubs; enter into new business and friendships, get to know women from different countries of the world, realize your dream and be happy and successful!